It all begins with the potential analysis. This can either be for specific services (such as building cleaning) or specific processes (such as purchasing).


We then draw up a corresponding strategic concept: how can the analysed service or process be improved even further? What different strategic approaches are possible?


On request, we manage your processes – with a modular or full-service approach. In the case of waste management, for example, “modular” processes are limited to purchasing or billing. “Fullservice” processes include all-round management of this entire service, from A-Z for several or all of a customer’s locations.


We also take on responsibility for billing management. Customers use our regular evaluations to identify and leverage optimisation potential. On request, Intesia also performs quality assurance work on location.

Our workflow

Intesia offers custom-tailored services, technology and energy solutions for your facility management processes, to meet your needs and requirements.
You can choose:

  • Specific modular services (i.e. building cleaning: analysis of current situation and/or purchase and/or ticket/QM system)
  • Full service in one or several areas (i.e. services: management of complete waste management according to individual needs)

Eric Foesser

The benefits for you: select the modular services that you need.

– Eric Foesser


Our claim

In contrast to firms which only offer consulting services, we keep on providing support. We are glad to take on the task of putting our ideas into practice for you. This means that Intesia only recommends actions that really are feasible.

The benefits for you

You just select the service you need from us – from single components through to a combination of several components or the Intesia full service. Whatever you choose, we offer quality improvement, risk minimisation and cost optimisation.

Gaia Balbi

We are there to help when you put your plans into action. We also support or even take on all your day-today operations at your request.

– Gaia Balbi