The Intesia method

Our expertise covers the four main aspects of building management: organisation, services, technology and energy. We guarantee optimum facility management by analysing and evaluating each of these areas using the Intesia method..

Harald Bientzle

What distinguishes us is a holistic approach to FM.

– Harald Bientzle

What we offer


Planning, coordinating, monitoring, consulting

Processes and workflows
Personnel and expertise
IT structure and systems
Monitoring and controlling


Quality assurance and process optimisation

  • Waste management
  • Building cleaning
  • Grey and green area care
  • Pest control and hygiene management
  • Winter service

Building Engineering

Ensuring availability and minimizing risks

  • Infrastructure maintenance & checks
  • PPM & reactive maintenance
  • Fire & life safety systems
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing and heating
  • Electrical wiring and installation


Careful analysis and appropriate optimisation

  • Energy procurement
  • Benchmark analyses
  • Detailed energy analyses
  • Energy cockpits

How we work

We know our customers’ concerns and speak their language. We work together with our customers to develop optimum solutions to all their facility and management tasks. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific challenges of customers with national and international operations. Our range of services starts at the preparation phase and extends right through to implementation and monitoring of all facility management processes.

Our Intesia method ensures that all key facility management requirements are given their due weight. The Intesia method not only enables us to keep costs in check, but also to control performance quality and protect our customers against possible risks whilst monitoring any environmental impacts.

Intesia identifies any business and operator risks and finds ways of avoiding, reducing or responding to them. Our end-to-end facility management continues to allow customers to choose the type of support they want as well as the tasks they wish to tackle themselves.